Machang Optical (Shenzhen) CO.,LTD

KAMLAN was established in 2016 and the factory is located in Shenzhen, China. It was founded by three professional teams from China, Taiwan and Germany. The initial establishment was due to the high price of professional mirrorless lenses on the market, which could not make the general photographers have different specifications of the lens, so we hope to create cost-effective products. Let fans have a large aperture and low unit price of professional mirrorless lens.

KAMLAN brand origin 

The brand name is derived from a minority in northern Taiwan. It is the vowel of the aboriginal people. It is called the 噶瑪蘭 family and is the home of the founder of the brand, so the brand takes the English name KAMLAN.


The KAMLAN lens is a fully manual fixed focus lens. Our lenses are made by optical design, optical proofing, optical coating, mechanical design, mechanical proofing, sample testing and mass production. After the team's common efforts, we have developed a variety of lenses, mirrorless series have 7.5MM-F3.2, 8MM-F3.0, 28MM-F1.4, 50MM-F1.1 21MM-F1.8 and 50MM-F1.1-‖, both are APS-C frames, In the future, we will continue to develop lenses for other focal lengths and will launch a series of mirrorless full frame lenses. And the SLR lens has 12MM-F2.8(APS-C), 55MM-F1.2(Full frame) and 85MM-F1.4(Full frame).


KAMLAN adheres to the craftsmanship spirit of exquisite craftsmanship and excellence. Under the guidance of the pursuit of excellence and the concept of creating fine products, KAMLAN constantly improves and innovates, pursues the perfection and perfection of products, and forms a unique kamlan lens brand.