KamLan Optical (Shenzhen) CO.,LTD

       KAMLAN was founded by three international teams which had dedicated in the professional area of researching and developing lenses. Base in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Taiwan, our company aim steadily to promote high quality and low prices lenses for all photography lovers. Meanwhile, to have those who are interested in this area to have its desirable aperture, cost-effective and function efficient products.

The origin of our beand KamLam

       Located in northern Taiwan, the Kamalan plain which used to be inhabited by indigenous Kuvalan people, is now known as Yilan city in modern day. This specific name, Kamalan, ought to be the common ancestry memory of the local Yilan citizens including our founder, Mr. Chen. Thus, the brand Kamlan was designed as a reminder of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our intention firmly in mind.”

KamLan lenses

      The KamLan lenses were designed to be manual fixed focus lenses. Through the effort of every craftsman of our company, design, proofing, coating, mechanical design, mechanical proofing, sample testing and mass production were completed by them. Our company have developed a variety of lenses, in case of mirrorless series: 7.5MM-F3.2, 8MM-F3.0, 28MM-F1.4, 50MM-F1.1,  21MM-F1.8 and 50MM-F1.1-‖, can all function with APS frame. Others like SLR lenses we provide: 12MM-F2.8(APS-C), 55MM-F1.2(Full frame) and 85MM-F1.4(Full frame). In the near future, other lenses products with different focal lengths, series of mirrorless, full frame lenses will be launched.

Our business concept

      Craftsmanship, creation, innovation and improvement. Our company dedicated ourselves whole-heartedly to satisfy every single customer’s fulfillment.